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Miow is happy. She passed the test. "I made it! Test passed!"

A1 Test - what is this?

A1 Test is the name for the language examination to obtain the certificate "Start Deutsch 1".
A1 certificates are now mandatory in most cases as proof of basic German language skills. This allows you to obtain a visa to stay in Germany exceeding 90 days.
It is your choice where you take the language course. However, the examinations are uniformly conducted by the Goethe-Institut in Bangkok.
The examination consists of four parts:

Listening - short simple statements and questions
- public announcments and short conversations
Reading - information from short written messages
- public signs and classified ads
Writing - fill in forms with respect to personal information
- brief personal messages
Speaking - introduce yourself and answer simple questions about your person
- formulate everyday common pleas and requests and respond to them

During our preparation courses you will be guided step by step through all these four segments in a focused yet entertaining way.
All aspects will be explained and practiced thoroughly.
You will be taught language and examination-specific skills that will make it as easy as possible for you to pass the test.
The Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1 requires very basic language skills. The examination corresponds to the first level (A1) on the six skill levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages​​.

Goethe Institut Bangkok
Goethe Institut Bangkok
After passing the test you can, for example
  • understand short, simple questions, instructions and messages in everyday situationsto, but also messages on an answering machine, public announcements and brief conversations,
  • gather information relevant to you from short written messages, public signs and classifieds,
  • name and understand numbers, quantities, times and prices
  • fill out forms in terms of simple and personal information,
  • write short personal notes,
  • introduce yourself and answer simple questions about yourself,
  • formulate and respond to common everyday queries and requests.

The certificates of the Goethe-Institut worldwide have a high reputation and are accepted by employers and educational institutions in many countries as proof of qualification.
The Goethe-Certificate "A1 - Start Deutsch 1" serves as proof for the required language skills which the spouses need for the subsequent immigration to Germany.