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  • Effective
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  • You speak German
    from day one!
Learning German does not need to be difficult.
May is totally excited that she passed the A1 test at first attempt. "DSS is great!
A1 test passed at first attempt!"
Nang passes the A1 test at first attempt. "Made it! Test passed at first attempt."
Tookta passed the A1 test at first attempt. "Yeah!
Test passed at first attempt"
Pat passed the A1 testat first attempt! "I love German.
Test passed at first attempt!"


German Language Center Koh Samui
The German Language Center on Koh Samui (DSS) offers individual German Language Courses and effective teaching methods specially developed for Thai nationals who want to learn the German language.
Our German language courses are efficient and entertaining which results in compact course times with a 100% success rate.
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You speak German from day one!
Entertaining lessons at the German Language Center on Koh Samui.
A1 Test Preparation
Our A1 Test Preparation courses provide you with everything you need to know about the German language in order to obtain the certificate "Start German 1" - meaning to pass the "A1 test".
The certificate "Start German 1" - or simply "A1 certificate" - is an officially recognized document indicating that you are capable of conducting essential communication in German.
It is therefore also very beneficial for your professional career as well as your social standing.

Map of Europe
German is spoken in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium and of course in Germany.
Approximately 110 million people speak German as their mother tongue and about 120 million have learned German as a second language and speak it.
So can you!

It is our goal that you too will pass the A1 test at your first attempt - like all our students have done before you.
So far, our success rate is 100% ...
... and we want to keep it this way!
Private Lessons
one-on-one lesson
The most effective way to learn the German language is the "One-on-One" private lesson with an experienced native German. We recommend a minimum of three double lessons per week if you want to complete the A1 test in a reasonable amount of time.
Apart from attending the lessons and doing your daily homework it is important that you study steadily and with commitment. But don't worry, you will have a lot of fun too - promise!
And remember, even if learning German can be difficult at times, it is ultimately about your future.
And of course, if you only want to learn "some" German for other purposes, perhaps to improve your professional skills, broaden your mental horizons or just simply want to try it out, you are very welcome to experience learning German at a quite relaxed pace.
The lessons are held in German, Thai and English.
Staff Training & Small Group lessons
group lessons
We provide courses for staff and small groups upon request. There is increasing demand to meet today's requirements in tourism, hospitality and other fields.
We offer special training for hotel and restaurant staff to improve communication with guests and customers.
These courses are individually designed according to customer's specifications.
Please inquire.

No matter if you're looking for efficient A1 Test Preparation or a conventional German language course, here at the German Language Center Koh Samui (DSS) you will be best prepared and benefit greatly today and in the future. Stop by and discuss your needs, we'd be happy to be of assistance and please don't forget to book your free trial lesson now!